Milka Trnina in Four Acts

One of the greatest Croatian artist of all time must certainly be the great opera prima donna, Milka Trnina who, not only left the mark on the world music history perfectly interpreting mostly Wagner and other composers like Mozart or Beethoven, but also on Croatian and world culture. After this prima donna who had staged performance in Tosca in New York´s Metropolitain, Puccini himself considered to be the best ever, a waterfall on the beautiful Plitivička jezera (lake) was deservedly named. Her name is still present today throughout the world due to Milka chocolate named after her due to the fascination of Swiss chocolate producer who simply adored her. Visit the Museum of Zagreb and look at the part of the legacy of this famous singer, some rare and priceless theatre costumes made in Covent Garden, photographs, notes and other memorabilia and experience a piece of this fascinating life of an unforgettable artist.